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SkyTrackers Automatic Vehicle Localization (AVL)

AT&T offers a location–based service for fleet management
AT&T and Skytec, Inc., a Puerto Rico-based leader in the development and commercialization of wireless technology for location-based and related services, have entered into a collaborative agreement for the joint provision of integrated solutions bundles for tracking and managing fleets of commercial vehicles and other assets.

Such solutions bundles combine Global Positioning System (GPS) and wireless data transmission technologies, to collect detailed data with respect to en-route vehicles (including location, speed, temperature etc.), and consolidate and display such data through a centralized application for purposes of operational processes and decision-making.
The service, called SkyTrackers, is marketed and supported under the AT&T-brand.

Features and Components
SkyTrackers service is supported via a SkyTec-proprietary equipment unit, combining a GPS-antenna and wireless data-modem, which is mounted in the vehicle and programmed to record location and a series of other events, such as:
• speed
• temperature (for frozen or refrigerated merchandise)
• ‘stationary’ or ‘in motion’
• engine ‘off’ or ‘on’
• doors ‘open’ or ‘closed’

The location of the vehicle may be updated once every 30 seconds, once every minute or once every 3 minutes, as per customer requirements. Depending on such frequency and optional features selected, one of three possible data packages will be activated on the AT&T network for each vehicle in the fleet.  Location and events may then be reported via Skytec-proprietary software or via a secure web-page on the Internet.

Existing users of the SkyTrackers application have testified to the numerous benefits afforded by it:
• Real-time monitoring of vehicles and other valuable assets
• Increased customer responsiveness, as sales and service personnel closest to the customer location may be identified and dispatched
• Security and safety of personnel and merchandise
• Curtail vehicle theft
• Reduction in overtime
• Reduction in maintenance cost

How Does It Work?
The AT&T Communications Consultant will assist you with the selection of the proper SkyTrackers package to satisfy your particular operational requirements, and will help coordinate installation of the equipment in your vehicles.

You will be provided a customer-unique user-ID and password, to access the web-page for a vehicle’s location and associated events. Alternatively, the data with respect to your entire fleet may be reported and displayed on a customer server, via Sky Locator and Sky Reporting applications.





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