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Wireless Internet Access

As organizations strive to maximize the productivity of their increasingly mobile workers, Internet access from non-stationary devices (i.e. mobile and nomadic) is becoming more and more prevalent. Such requirements are supported by 3G or third-generation wireless technology, and beyond. After the first three generations of mobile communications technology of mobile communications technology(analog cellular  digital PCS, and EV-DO Rev. 0, respectively), AT&T has now completed the migration to EV-DO Rev. A. This newest wireless data technology supports maximum transmission speeds of 1.8 Mbps on the up-link and 3.1 Mbps on the down-link, and is highly suitable to handle the demands of such applications as mobile e-mail or wireless access to the Internet.

Features and Components
Wireless Internet Access is about the capability to access the Internet from virtually any location outside the office, in a mobile, nomadic or fixed set-up. Depending of their specific requirements and working style, users may choose from a series of different devices:

•  Smart-Phones; a combination of a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) and wireless voice an data device (such as a Pocket PC or a Blackberry)
PCMCIA Cards, Express Cards and USB Modems; EV-DO Rev. A devices sliding into lap-top computer

• Wireless Routers; for instance for setting up Local Area Networks within the home and establishing Internet Access via the EV-DO network

All solutions work equally securely and are used in combination with the same wireless data packages offered by AT&T, of which several are available depending on the customer’s monthly data volume needs.

AT&T’s Wireless Internet Access offerings offer mobile users a wide range of hardware, software and communications options, to allow them to maintain optimal levels of productivity even while away from the office. Our products enable anywhere access to your most critical corporate applications in a way that is convenient, secure, reliable and cost-effective.

Our suite of mobile data offerings has now been importantly expanded by the launching of roaming capabilities in the U.S., as well as in many international countries (GSM as well as CDMA).

How Does It Work?
The wireless hardware device selected, along with its client software and Internet browser, allow mobile users to connect at EV-DO speeds to the Internet and all of its applications (including e-mail or Intranet).

The service is charged per Mb transmitted, rather than by time connected. Packages are available for various volumes of Mb per month, or for unlimited data volumes.







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