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AT&T offers line-side circuits that connect the consumer’s PBX to AT&T’s central office
Medium-size to large organizations may presently have one or several PBX’s, on-premise telephone equipment capable of handling on-site phone traffic and providing connectivity to the outside Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) to groups of users.  A PBX may be directly connected to the AT&T switch by means of a DS1 (also known as a T1), which groups 24 digital phone lines on a single access facility. Each line or channel can be configured to carry inbound or outbound traffic or a combination of both, based on your business requirements.

Features and Components
In order to provide further capability, several features are available:

• Digital Inward Dialing (DID), a PBX-to-Central Office trunk that allows incoming calls to a PBX to ring specific stations without attendant assistance.

• Block of Numbers, a range of phone numbers (for instance, from 787-555-1000 to 787-555-1200) assigned to a certain number of DID channels. When a caller dials any number in this range (i.e. 787-555-1150), the call is forwarded on any of the channels available, and the PBX will forward to the corresponding extension. 

• Hunting, which allows multiple telephone lines going into a business to all act like a single group (hunting group). If the particular line called is busy, the call will be forwarded to the next available line. If all lines within the hunting group are busy, the calling party will get a busy signal.

DS1 Switch Ports allow for the most efficient utilization of network trunks possible, since they can be configured exactly as needed based on users’ calling behavior and volume.  Your organization can now make sure to have sufficient channels to accommodate your volume of calls, but avoid idleness. Your organization can enjoy the benefits of Local Number Portability (LNP) in combination with this service, as well.

How Does It Work?
The DS1 Switch Port establishes a direct link between your company’s PBX and the AT&T switch, so that telephone calls can be routed into and out of your office location(s). The network interface at the edge is a simple DS1-port for you to have your telephone system connected to.
Programming of your in-house PBX with respect to DID’s, hunting, etc. will generally be completed and maintained by the equipment vendor, for which customer is to make the proper contractual arrangements.



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