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Dedicated Internet Ports

Our dedicated Internet products are offered to small, medium and large corporations
AT&T's Dedicated Internet Services gives customers the combined benefits of local access facilities and connection to reliable on-island Internet infrastructure, all provided by one service provider.  The Internet has become an indispensable communications tool for most any private enterprise or public organization. Your customers, employees, business partners and the public in general rely on the Internet as the most prevalent form of business communication today.

AT&T’s Internet offerings are is backed up by a stringent Service Level Agreement and an on-line tool, Bandwidth Tracker, which gives you the ability to measure your bandwidth utilization on an ongoing basis. 

Features and Components
• Dedicated Internet is available at speeds of 512 Kbps or 1.544 Mbps (using access at level of T1), DS3 or multiple-Mbps up to 1 Gbps (when using access based on Ethernet Services)
• Access may be via AT&T fiber, collocation or wireless local loop.
• Hosts servers and guaranteed internet connections
• Static IP addresses and Domain Name Service (DNS).
• VPN Internet Service.
• Service options available: Managed Internet Router and Managed Internet Firewall

AT&T represents the best option among very few service providers capable of offering an integrated Internet service that includes local transport, on-island presence and direct entrance into the NAP of the Americas, the predominant Network Access Point in this hemisphere. We are now positioned as the provider of the product with the best price-performance ratio in the Puerto Rico Internet space.

Furthermore, our technical expertise of data services in general, and Internet in particular, is unparalleled in Puerto Rico.
In addition to several more traditional access options at or below T1, AT&T now provides highly scalable access for very high-bandwidth Internet, using Ethernet Services (up to 1 Gbps).

In summary, AT&T’s Dedicated Internet capabilities form the ideal platform for the type of high-performance, efficient and reliable Intranet and Extranet applications required by business and government today.  

How Does It Work?

The physical connection for AT&T Internet Services is from a router in the customer’s Local Area Network to the AT&T-owned and –operated network access equipment in the customer’s office or the common telecom room of multi-tenant buildings. From there, a logical link at the desired bandwidth is mapped across the AT&T network into our IP-node in Hato Rey. That node connects over redundant submarine fiber routes to the NAP of the Americas, effectively the gateway to the rest of the Internet world.
AT&T can provide the required IP-addresses and DNS services, to complement the offering.





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